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The members of our firm have a wide range of national and international experience both in the private and public sectors.

The profiles of our lawyers, their knowledge of different areas of the Law, their professionalism and the technology available to the firm guarantee the provision of a service in line with the needs of the twenty-first century, as well as a permanent personal contact with our customers.


Rengifo Abogados S.A.S. advises and represents national and international clients with professionalism, experience and commitment to prevent and solve conflicts.


Rengifo Abogados S.A.S is a firm consolidated in its internal processes in line with globalization and with new technologies within the framework of a competitive market.


Professionalism: We exercise our professional activity with diligence and commitment.

Work ethic: We work for the satisfaction of the work well done.

Ethics of responsibility: We make of our behavior a practice of social transcendence.


    An excellent track record together with a dedicated intellectual work allow us to provide our services in the following areas:

    Contracting: Private Law, Public Law, Distribution Contracts, Licensing and Technology Transfer.

    We facilitate negotiations and contracts between domestic and foreign entities, both public and private, with the perspective of the international framework contracts and, above all, ensuring their legality and validity under Colombian law. 


    We have wide experience in the area of contracts and commercial obligations, from the simplest ones such as sale of goods, lease and guarantees, to the most complex and specialized ones such as distribution contracts and those for provision, concession, commercial agency, licensing, consignment, franchise, trust, due diligence and joint venture. 


    We also provide advice and representation in legal, extrajudicial and administrative proceedings, and in alternative methods for conflict resolution that may emerge in connection with those contracts.


    Intellectual Property, Copyright, Industrial Property and New Technologies.

    The Firm is specialized in the Intellectual Property area and has a wide experience acquired in years of practice both in judicial work (litigation over copyright, industrial property and competition), and in matters related to administrative registration procedures of: 

    • Distinctive features (brands, pennants, trademarks, marketing slogans, designation of origin).
    • New creations (patents, utility models and industrial designs).
    • Breeders of Plant Varieties at the Colombian Agriculture Institute (ICA). 
    • Sanitary Records at the National Surveillance Institute of Medicines and Foods (INVIMA).
    • Works or intellectual creations (software) at the National Copyright Direction.

    Our professional services in this area include the registration, renewal and updating of records as well as their defense and protection. This allows us to provide consultations and complete advice, consistent with the needs of your business.

    Taking into consideration the rapid technological changes and the related legal implications, our Firm has been trained and has established a working group specialized in information technologies including domain names, electronic commerce, security issues on the Internet, content protection, e-business, e-government and telecommunications. We have experience in the management of commercial, contractual and administrative issues that emerge as a consequence of these new technologies.

    Competition Law. Restrictive Practices, Unfair Competition and Consumer Protection.

    En esta área confluyen los temas  de la libre competencia en el mercado, los derechos y garantías de usuarios y consumidores. Acompañamos a nuestros clientes en la toma de decisiones y definición de estrategias, previniendo que sus negociaciones, actuaciones y contratos infrinjan normas relacionadas con la libre competencia. Así mismo, brindamos asesoría sobre el ejercicio de sus derechos como consumidores y proveedores de bienes y servicios, además de representarlos ante las autoridades judiciales y administrativas competentes.

    Corporate Law.

    Regarding Corporate Law, our Firm provides, among other, the following services: 

    • Legal advice on Colombian corporate laws and on the various processes for the establishment of companies with foreign capital and branches of foreign companies in Colombia;
    • Guidance on holding of Executive Boards, Members and Shareholders Meetings in their different modalities;
    • Establishment of local companies;
    • Company formation, merger and transformation;
    • Creation, dissolution and liquidation of societies, agencies and branches.


    We have a solid record and a wide experience in litigation before the different jurisdictions in processes related to our areas of practice and related matters.
    Our Firm has great experience in national and international arbitration, having developed our professional practice as attorneys for a party and arbitrators before the Center of Commercial Arbitration and Conciliation of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá for more than fifteen years during which over forty (40) arbitrations have been successfully carried out.
    Some of the arbitrations in which we have taken part are included below.  

    As a national arbitrator

    • As Colombia Ltda. vs Informática y Gestión S.A.  
    • Caracol Televisión S.A. vs Comisión Nacional de Televisión
    • Carlos Alfonso García Mahecha vs. Organización de Estados  Iberoamericanos para la Educación, la Ciencia y la Cultura – OEI
    • Colombia Telecomunicaciones s.a. E.S.P vs Plescom Ltda,
    • Consorcio Lar vs Instituto de Desarrollo Urbano IDU
    • Empresa Colombiana de Gas -Ecogas vs Termoemcali  I.S.C.A.  ESP
    • Ferretería Reina S.A. vs  Serex Consulting  S.A.  y Serex USA INC
    • Fiduciaria del Estado S.A. vs  Juplast S.A.
    • Fundación Recursos Naturales Renacer vs. Editorial Planeta Colombiana S.A.  
    • Inversiones Prosperidad S.A. vs Hoteles Estelar S.A.  
    • Jaime de la Cruz Franco Pérez y Otros  vs Héctor Villa Osorio y  Otros 
    • Jairo Gómez Rueda vs Prodain S.A. C.I.  
    • Juan Fernando Arango López vs Inversiones Médicas de Antioquia  S.A. y Otros. 
    • Montoya e Hijas S.C.A. y otros  vs. O.P.P. Granelera S.A. y Otros
    • Multiphone S.A. vs Bellsouth de Colombia S.A.  
    • Open Card S.A. vs Electronic Data Systems Colombia S.A. 
    • Promociones San Alejo Ltda vs Prodesic S.A. 
    • RCN Televisión S.A. vs Comisión Nacional de Televisión. 
    • Santore Editores y otros  vs Grupo de Inversiones Filigrana S.A. y Mediaprint Group S.A. 
    • Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia e Informática Hospitalaria Integrada  S.A. vs Hospital I. Clínica del  Country S.A. 
    • Chiquita International Limited vs Tropical Products Enterprises INC.  
    • Emilnar  Ltda. Vs Bavaria S.A  
    • Provesa Vs Bavaria S.A.
    • BRM Vs Young and Rubicam
    • Protabaco Vs Dimayor
    • Altra Inversiones SAS y otros Vs Jairo Andres Gutierrez y Otros.
    • Interservicios Cooperativa Multiactiva Vs Colombia Telecomuniaciones ESP.
    • Fabio Arístides Ruiz y Otros Vs Ricardo Cortes y Otros.
    • Teledifusión S.A Vs Patrimonio Autónomo de Remanentes.
    • Patrimonio Autónomo de Remanentes Vs Teledifusión S.A.
    • Nubia Victoria Agudelo Vs Colombia Telecomunicaciones ESP
    • Freddy Arias Callejas y Otros Vs Biomax S.A.
    • Tractochevrolet Ltda. Vs Seguros Comerciales Bolivar S.A.
    • Distribuciones Villamil & Cia Ltda. Contra Bavaria S.A. 
    • Cosa Colombia S.A.S. Cosacol S.A.S. vs Transoriente S.A. E.S.P. 
    • Rash Ingeniería S.A. y Ciprecon S.A. miembros del Consorcio Protección Gasoducto contra Promigas S.A. E.S.P.
    • Excavar  S.A.S. vs Instituto para el Desarrollo de Antioquia IDEA 


    As an international arbitrator

    • Stoneglass Dental Laboratory Pty Limited Vs Whip Mix Corporation (AAA case)
    • Porol, AG (Switzerland); Pondax Invest, S.L. (Spain); and Parker Thompson Associates, Ltd. (United Kingdom) Vs. Grupo Farmacéutico Somar, SAPI. de C.V (México); and Serral, S.A. de C.V. (México).  (CCI Case).
    • Ecodiesel Colombia S.A. vs Didini S.A. 

    As a party

    • Arcec S.A. vs Banco Comercial  AV Villas S.A.  
    • Banco Superior vs Fiduciaria Tequendama S.A. 
    • Colcell Ltda  vs Comunicación Celular  S.A. Comcel S.A. 
    • Comcelulares  F.M Ltda.  vs. Comunicación Celular S.A. Comcel S.A.   
    • Depósito Centralizado de  Valores de Colombia S.A. Deceval S.A. vs  Fiduciaria La Previsora S.A. 
    • Fersoft Limitada y otro vs  BBVA.  
    • Ismocol S.A. vs Petrobras Colombia Limited
    • Movitel Américas Ltda vs Comunicación Celular S.A. Comcel S.A.  
    • Promotora Norclarhe S.A. vs Fiduciara Colpatria S.A. y Banco Colpatria S.A.
    • Biopharma vs Merck S.A.  



    Our Firm is characterized by its personal contact with its clients, which guarantees a timely service according to their needs.
    Some of our clients are: Comunicación Celular Comcel S.A., Telmex Colombia S.A., Federación Nacional de Cafeteros, Asocolflores, Remed Pharma S.A., Centro Regional de Productividad y Desarrollo Tecnológico del Tolima and Quala S.A. 


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    • Heal Technology S.A.C.
    • Nieto Valenzuela
    • Pisopak del Perú
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    • Roboticaid
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    • Cuore Intimate S.A.S.
    • Iasa Corporation S.A.
    • Moises Roitman Fischman
    • Consermar ltda - Juan Ospina
    • A. Laymayer & Cía. Exportadores de Café S.A.
    • Almagrario S.A.
    • Neway Flow Control
    • Sociedad Colombiana de Arquitectos
    • Depósito de Valores Centralizado- Deceval S.A.
    • Inversiones Calle del Cuartel
    • Humberto Portilla y Luís Chamorro
    • Secondchance Corp
    • Maki Ltda.
    • Calzado Siete Cueros S.A. 
    • Cvcol S.A. 
    • Macías Gómez y Abogados Asociados S.A. 
    • Concepto Básico S.A. 
    • Roulette Partners S.A.
    • Casaval S.A.
    • Metagenics Inc.
    • Heal Technology S.A.C.
    • Ministerio de Defensa-Ejército Nacional 
    • Centro Regional de Productividad y Desarrollo Tecnológico del Tolima.
    • Aguas de Bogotá
    • Zonautos S.A.
    • Depósito de Valores Centralizado –Deceval S.A.
    • Banco Colpatria.
    • IC Constructora S.A.S. 



  • Attorneys


      Lawyer from the University Externado de Colombia where he is a professor in Private Law since 1984. He did postgraduate studies in Roman Law at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" (1985-1987) and in Copyright Law, Industrial Property, Unfair Competition and Anti-competitive Practices at the Queen Mary College-University of London (1987-1989). In 1996 he was invited by the Max Planck Institute of Munich to carry out research on Patents and Biotechnology. 
      He has authored the following books:
      • Facultades unilaterales en la contratación moderna. (Unilateral faculties in modern contracting). Bogotá, Legis, 2014.  
      • The Trust in Colombia, Kluwer Law International, Holland and United States, 2nd. ed., 2012.
      • La Fiducia mercantil y Pública en Colombia, (Mercantile and Public Trust in Colombia), Bogotá, Universidad Externado de Colombia, 3rd. ed., 2012.
      • Del abuso del derecho al abuso de la posición dominante, (From abuse of rights to abuse of the dominant position), Bogotá,  Universidad Externado de Colombia,  2nd. ed., 2004.
      • La propiedad intelectual, el moderno derecho de autor, (Intellectual property, the modern copyright), Bogotá, Universidad Externado de Colombia, 2nd. ed., 1997.
       He also has authored numerous academic articles, among which the following are the most outstanding:
      • Toward the Extension of Obligations to Other Intermediaries in the Internet. Revista Propiedad Inmaterial. Bogotá, Universidad Externado de Colombia, No. 18, 2014, p. 167-189.
      • La modificación unilateral del contrato. (Unilateral contract modification). Estudios de Derecho Civil. En Memoria de Fernando Hinestrosa. (Civil Law Studies. In Memory of Fernando Hinestrosa). Bogotá, Universidad Externado de Colombia, vol. II Contratos, 2014, p. 357 to 394.
      • Computación en la nube. (Cloud computing). Revista Propiedad Inmaterial, Bogotá, Universidad Externado de Colombia, No. 17. 2013, p. 223 to 245.
      • Nombre comercial. (Trade name). Revista Propiedad Inmaterial, Bogotá, Universidad Externado de Colombia, No. 17. 2013, p. 187 to 203. 
      • La protección de datos de prueba en el sector farmacéutico: una perspectiva desde Colombia, (Test data protection in the pharmaceutical sector: a perspective from Colombia), in Los retos de la industria farmacéutica en el siglo XXI, (Challenges of the pharmaceutical industry in the twenty-first century).  Mexico, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), 2012, p. 221 to 244.
      • Balancing Copyright – A Survey of National Approaches, Colombia, in MPI Studies on Intellectual Property and Competition Law, Springer, London, Vol. 18, 2012, p. 285 to 316.
      • La fijación unilateral del precio, (Unilateral pricing), in Revista de Derecho Privado, Bogotá, Universidad Externado de Colombia, No. 22, 2012. p. 43 to 71.
      • El deber precontractual de información, (The pre-contractual duty of information), in Realidades y Tendencias del derecho en el siglo XXI (Realities and trends of Law in the twenty-first century), Bogotá, Universidad Javeriana and Temis, vol. IV, 2010, 123 to 150. 
      • ¿Es el plagio una conducta reprimida por el derecho penal? (Is plagiarism a behavior repressed by criminal law?), Revista Propiedad Inmaterial, Bogotá, Universidad Externado de Colombia, No. 14, 2010, p. 303 to 318.
      • La terminación y la resolución unilateral del contrato, (Unilateral termination and resolution of the contract), in Estudios de derecho privado, homenaje al Profesor Cesar Gómez Estrada, (Studies on Private Law, homage to professor César Gómez Estrada), Bogotá, Universidad del Rosario, vol, II, 2009, p. 325 to 359.
      • Un nuevo reto del derecho en la edad de la información, (A new challenge to Law in the information age), in Revista Propiedad Inmaterial, Bogotá, Universidad Externado de Colombia, No. 12, 2nd. semester 2008.   
      Currently he is the Director of the Intellectual Property Department of the University Externado de Colombia, undergraduate professor of Contract Law and professor of Intellectual Property and Competition in undergraduate and graduate courses at the same university; he is a legal counsel and trial lawyer in the areas of Intellectual Property, Private Law and Administrative Law. 
      He also is a member of the rosters of Arbitrators of the Centers of Commercial Arbitration and Conciliation of the Chambers of Commerce of Bogotá, Medellín and Barranquilla; of the roster of Arbitrators of the International Center for Dispute Resolution (ICDR), of the American Arbitration Association (AAA), and member of the Colombian Academy of Jurisprudence.



      Lawyer from the University Externado de Colombia specialized in Commercial Law at the same university and with experience in litigation. Advisor in issues of private and public contracting, Constitucional Law, Concursal and Consumer Competition. Also, in his professional activity he has stood out in the areas of arbitration, construction projects and megaprojects, infrastructure, public services and contract negotiation. 



      Lawyer from the Sergio Arboleda University with experience in Alternative Methods for Conflict Resolution (MASC) and particularly in commercial and civil arbitration, as well as in the management of all kinds of processes, resources and procedures before the various Colombian Courts in litigation cases on civil, commercial, labor and administrative issues such as national and international commercial contracts, financial contracts, insurance and reinsurance, aircraft accidents, trusts and commercial distribution contracts, among other.

      His practice has developed in issued related to Industrial Property, Contract Law, Unfair Competition, Anti-competitive Practices, Commercial Law and Administrative Law.



      Lawyer from the University Externado de Colombia (2006) specialized in Industrial Property, Copyright and New Technologies at the same University (2009). In 2013 she took an advanced training course on Competition Law in the University Externado de Colombia. Her practice has developed in issues related to Copyright and Related Rights, Intellectual Property, Unfair Competition and Anti-Competitive Practices, as well as in the management and defense of intellectual property portfolios, risk analysis, counseling and litigation related to this matters. She is working on her Master’s Degree in Law with emphasis on Intellectual Property at the University Externado de Colombia (2015-2016).



      - Derechos de autor de obras creadas por encargo y en el marco de una relación laboral (Copyright of works made for hire and within the framework of an employment relationship). Revista La Propiedad Inmaterial, Universidad Externado de Colombia, Nos. 10-11. 2006 – 2007. p 45 - 70.



      Lawyer from the University Externado de Colombia. Intensification in Business Law, particularly in issues related to Unfair Competition and International Business Law. She studied Legal English at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and has published works on anti-competitive use of patents.

      In her professional activities she has specialized in issues related to the management of Industrial Property Rights, Business Law, Contract Law and Administrative Law.



      Lawyer from the University Externado de Colombia (1998) specialized in Telecommunications Law at the same University (2000). Her practice has developed in issues related to Telecommunications, Cyberspace, Technological Information, Corporate Law, Contracts and Foreign Investment.

    Administrative Staff



      Business manager of the "Universidad de Los Libertadores" (2001). With training in internal quality audit and management and administration of internal processes ("Colombia Fundes" 2004 and 2012). Administrative assistant of the firm since 2000.


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